Healing Day for people with lived experience with suicide: an opportunity to connect

Download the full Healing Day programme

Address: 100, Sherbrooke Street West, ground floor.

The Healing Day is an opportunity for people with lived and living experience with suicide to connect to one another through planned activities and workshops that focus on wellness, healing, hope, and life promotion. The Healing Day will include breakout sessions with tracks for you to choose from depending on your interests and needs, recognizing that people may identify with more than one experience.

It is recognized that a person can belong to one, two or three groups. People can choose which activity they wish, regardless of the group – presenters will be aware of this reality and activity/presentation will be focused on the one group while being inclusive of the others.

Tracks Offered

The tracks include:

  1. People who have personally experienced suicide-related thoughts and/or behaviours
  2. People who have lost some to suicide.
  3. People who provide care and support for those people in their lives who experience suicide-related thoughts and/or behaviours.

Schedule and Activities

The full programme is now available online! There will be 3 half-hour plenary sessions with the entire group focusing on activities that promote grounding, centering and a “time out” to support reflection or self-regulation. For each breakout (parallel) session (Sessions 2 and 4), participants may choose between two different activities for their chosen group. For further details on these activity options, download the full programme.